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Security in the the Microsoft .NET Framework

Mich würde ein Compare-and-Contrast mit den Kontestanten Hop und WebObjects brennend interessieren (vor allem, nachdem mich vor gar nicht allzulanger Zeit ein Aufruf-over-Anruf zur Beschäftigung mit Apples Webwunderwerkstatt Herrn [create Fürstner]s erreichte), aber nachdem ich nur wenige mit ersterem Vertraute und eigentlich gar niemanden mit Profizienz in der Welt des zweiteren kenne und sich daher die Schnittmenge aus den beiden Personengruppen eher luftig gebärdet wird dies auf absehbare Zeit wohl Wunschdenken bleiben.

Aber wer weiss.

Apropos Hop, Stefan Pollach strikes again:

Joel Neely on [create RebolForces]: "Recursion, Iteration, and Algebra" — "Mathematics and computing courses and articles sometimes resemble instruction by intimidation."

"A year ago there was nothing, and now there is something." — A [create DotGNU] retrospective.

Monitoringwertes: Nikkei Electronics —

Some RDF and DAML+OIL news.

Très cool -

Unter vielem anderen dort zu finden: "Unix Text Processing by [create Dale Dougherty] and Tim O'Reilly, was published by Hayden Books in 1987, back when O'Reilly & Associates wrote technical documentation for hire." — Sieh dar.

Cyc's most prominent role thus far is as a software utility that improves the quality of retrievals for the Lycos Web search engine. If you search for "dime," it will suggest "Franklin Roosevelt" as an alternative topic, because Cyc knows that F.D.R.'s picture is on the dime. That is impressive. But Lenat had expected a lot more progress toward commonsense software by now." — So had I.

"[...] [S]oftware, like other commodities, requires inputs that have alternative uses and, once produced, has economic value as an intermediate or final good. But, software is also an unusual economic commodity because its marginal costs of reproduction are very low or negligible. The low costs of software reproduction imply that society must grant businesses some right to control reproduction (and charge higher prices than the cost of reproduction) if investments are to be made in software creation, especially packaged software. Otherwise, third parties would make a business of reproducing software, and competition would drive the costs of software to the low marginal cost of its reproduction. As a result, intellectual property protection is a key policy influence on firm strategy and evolution in this industry."

The U.S. Software Industry: An Analysis and Interpretive History

Kuriosum (or maybe not) du jour: The Z Notation.

Microsoft launches Windows CE .NET - Press Release - Die Emulation Edition hat 400 MB (!), was im LabLan mit der weniger grosszügig dimensionierten ISDN-Line schon das Ende aller Ambitionen bedeuten dürfte ...

In related news: Sony baut sich jetzt sein Operating System selber.

And of course — what the heck is CELL?

"With him, it's always a revolution." — Zum Glück, wie langweilig wäre die Computerwelt ohne Steve Jobs ... und tischlampenförmigen iMaczwos zum Beispiel.

The Big Empty: Last year's vaporware in review.

"This was one (first-person shooter) that would wander off the beaten path," Mike Parker wrote. "And it did more than that, it wandered off into the bushes, never to be found again."

... and speaking of ample vapor supply: Check out the long-awaited (?) site of the Xanadu Cyberarcheology Project.

Google Worship Dept.

Salon: How Google saved USENET.
Coming soon: How Google saved



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