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Need to read: Interview with [create Paul Everitt] and [create Ken Manheimer] of [create Digital Creations]

Philip Greenspun: "I must admit: Retirement changes one's perspective on everything."

Q: How badly does the patent office err? A: Very much so.

"Linux -- the open source operating system which started out as a college student's hobby 10 years ago -- is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the mainframe data centers of corporate America."

Très cool: [create Jeff Kreis] released a REBOL/Command interface to Berkeley DB. Get it at

Great Bruce Eckel interview: "[...] I started working with Python and was being about 10 times more productive than I've been with C++ and Java. Python challenged many of my "known facts" about object-oriented programming, and even programming in general."

"[...] Python's weak typing forced me to move to a new level of thinking, and I could eventually see a commonality between Java's interfaces, reflection, and C++'s templates: They are all ways of loosening the typing constraints imposed by the language (interfaces do more than just that, of course, which is why they are such a fundamental concept). Templates, in particular, do the same thing as Python's weak typing: You're saying, "I don't care what type you are, as long as you support the operations I'm going to perform." But in Python, you don't impose any extra mechanism to allow this; it's just the way method calls work. It's so normal that you are able to think in a larger way, whereas the mechanism of templates in C++ is so onerous that you get lost in it and you can't see what it is that templates actually achieve.

"So by learning another language, my mind was expanded and I could go back to Java and C++ and see things I was unable to see before. That's very powerful, and it's why I consider "multiple languages" a kind of design pattern—it's likely that you can solve a problem much faster using more than one language instead of arbitrarily requiring yourself to stay within a single language."

Auch Eitel Dignatz ärgert sich über so manche [create SuSE]-Eigenheit ... — "Sechzehn Jahre SunOS/Solaris, sechs Jahre Linux, null Jahre Windows. Das jedenfalls ist die Bilanz in meiner Firma. Der Gewinner steht fest: Linux, ohne Wenn und Aber. Und dennoch: Obwohl Linux sich zu einem der besten Unixe gemausert hat, die ich kenne, gibt es Entwicklungen, die Kopfschmerzen bereiten. Doch das Problemkind ist nicht Linux selbst, sondern das, was der eine oder andere Distributions-Anbieter daraus macht."

"$5.75 ain't much. $5.75/hour X 40 hours/week X 52 weeks/year = $11,960. that's before taxes are taken out. some people said it was disrespectful for me to take a job at mcdonalds --- i didn't need the money, and they thought that i was making fun of people that work there. the opposite is true: i gained a bucket of respect for people that bust their butt for such low pay. it's one thing to scan past stats about americans that make $12,000 per year -- or read about them in the paper. but, to actually work a tough fry-heaving, mcnugget-wielding 6-hour shift --- and get home smelling like those fries and mcnuggets -- and realize that you only made about $30 that day... that's a serious eye-opener. interpret as you see fit." [ Ø VOWE • ]

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  • 7 Applikationen portieren "SSH: Zahlreiche Server noch anfällig" — Once again, lcom scooped heise on this story ... [ Ø FLORITZ • ]

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