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To read tomorrow: interesting indeed: Compiled Java applications (thanks to GCJ) with SWT-based user interfaces[ Ø MLAKE • ]Eugene Eric Kim: "Towards a Standard Graph-Based Data Model for the Open Hyperdocument System [OHS] — Enabling Interoperability Between Collaborative Knowledge Applications" Gegensatz zu WinForms dürfte ASP.NET wohl der toughere Sell sein — die Konkurrenz ist riesig, bislang ist ASP.NET zudem auf Windows beschränkt und die Vorteile eines Form-basierten Entwicklungsmodells müssen sich in der Web-Landschaft erst einmal beweisen (sowie das Vertrauen in den IIS durch die in den letzten Jahren praktisch wöchentlich zu Tage geförderten Security-Leaks wohl kaum gestiegen ist). Kein Wunder also, dass Microsoft über Graswurzelförderndes u./o. Hemmschwellensenkendes nachdenkt. Vor wenigen Tagen geleakt, so soll Saturn ein abgespecktes [create VS.NET] inklusive Web-Server und (ASP).NET-Runtime sein, dem Vernehmen nach schlank, frei verfügbar (!) und lauffähig runter bis Windows 95 (somit ideal für einfaches Experimentieren) werden. Man bleibt vorerst gespannt.[create XP] and Databases: "The key point is taking the advice of Kent Beck, act as if the database is easy to change. Relational databases were created to be flexible, so flex them. Kent also advises that when something is very difficult try doing it more often not less. That way you get good at doing it and it won't be hard any longer. Get into the habit of migrating your database often, you will make less mistakes not more."
[create Jonathan Rauch] (on modelling sociodynamic phenomena using [create Cellular Automata]): "Today's universities and think tanks are full of analysts who use multivariate equations to model the effects of changes in tax rates or welfare rules or gun laws or farm subsidies; I can easily envision a time, not long from now, when many of those same analysts will test policy changes not on paper but on artificial Americas that live and grow within computers all over the country, like so many bacterial cultures or fruit-fly populations. The rise and refinement of artificial societies is not going to be a magic mirror, but it promises some hope of seeing, however dimly, around the next corner."

I wonder what Stephen Wolfram will tell us about this New Kind of Science in just a few weeks ...Gestern Naked Objects ausprobiert, im Prinzip fasziniert. [create Direct Manipulation] at its extreme. Generische Viewer, Interaktion direkt mit Objekten und nicht so sehr Mediatoren, daher kaum Aufwand, das Interface an sich zu programmieren. In der momentanen Implementierung ziemlich buggy.

www.nakedobjects.orgThe [create HailStorm] is over: "Microsoft has quietly shelved a consumer information service that was once planned as the centerpiece of the company's foray into the market for tightly linked Web services. [...] After nine months of intense effort the company was unable to find any partner willing to commit itself to the program." — Und wie so oft hat viel Rauch auch in diesem Fall bloss eines bedeutet: Strohfeuer ahead.



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