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[create Ricardo Cambiassi]

- social news reading: an attention odissey
- the one-man band: I can do everything
- the hive-mind: delegate and be happy; reBlog; works for small groups
- trust and tribes

- att'n.xml: publish what feeds you're reading & what you actually read

Anne Bartlett-Bragg

- adult learners' experiences with weblogs
- 30% south-east asian students, often problems
- surface vs. deep learning
- phenomenographic study [big in scandinavia?] - a: technology constraints, b: engaging online identity, c: proficient writing, d: discovering others, e: all well
- people use weblogs as personal learning environments
- all assessments, all communication on weblogs
- hosted externally from institute for legal reasons; added bonus: people can keep their weblog for life (if they want to)
- not a community, a "network"
- criticism: this is not a subject

[create Philipp Gühring]

- CAcert
- web of trust

Jeremy Ruston

- why wiki? post-doc(ument) future
- tiddlywiki does not allow people to collaborate [so is it asocial software?] [at least in the standard version]
- personal wiki
- semantics of a document
- carriage > car
- codex pages > document
- wysiwyg has crushing disadvantages
- writely: 1998 kind of link dialog
- no way that flow of concentration survives that kind of interruption
- hypertext vision: make world's information more valuable thru links
- bbc: practically no hypertext! poor man's navigation on the left, some related articles right
- contrast w/ wikipedia: link density (notorious for linking everything, colors and dates &c.)
- [is high link density always good?]
- alertbox/hype.html
- wysiwyg requires ghostly presences (magic, invisible markers)
- cheap and quick answer to make software "accessible" [too cheap and quick]
- tiddlywiki documents: densely interlinked
- next up: documents that blend data and behaviour (see jot)
- vibrant tiddly community thanks to view source

q & a

- people are confident that they'll be able to read tiddlywiki files in 20 years' time - so they're putting in valuable things
- hosted:

[create Frank Mantek]

- worked for msft (mostly on api kram)
- joined google last year
- now uses macs. can't use shiny pocketpc any more.
- what happens when you lose your cell phone? no (easy) way to backup.
- open data access is good, you can circumvent sucky software
- the cool thing about google maps is not the presentation pseudo-api, it's access to geodata, which was practically inaccessible [at that scale?] before
- gdata: calendar, base, blogger
- simple query language: filter, full-text search, author, publication date (core set; other apps extend that set)
- update data: atom publishing
- documented, cc-licensed api: no lock-in
- apache-licensed api implementations in java, .net, php [?], upcoming: js


- activity theory something
- headlines from the future [?]
- participation at multiple levels: lowest e.g. star ratings
- on- and offline participation
- communities have boundary stones; innovation at the boundaries and between communities
- active moderation

[create Wolfgang Zeglovits]

- social software development: blogger, antville
- antville: hannes, robert, tobi, claudia, mariann
- server fund
- knallgrau: twoday, fork, twoday media
- no more antville development
- blogger: pyra; ev, meg, pb
- &c. &c.
- no money in europe/austria, no silval-like community [...]
- stay clear of academics

Matt Mullenweg

- wordpress and jazz
- been to an art high school
- wordpress(.com), automattic
- lester young: "be original"
- wynton marsalis: "listen to the best, emulate"
- wordpress had the tremendous benefit of being the 20th blogging tool
- warren sneed (matt's teacher): "two hips make an ass"
- so: don't try to be too hip
- charles mingus: "anyone can make the simple complicated; creativity is making the complicated simple"
- keep the core simple, shift everyone's 15 pixels of fame to plug-ins
- dizzy gillespie: "it's taken all my life to learn what not to play"
- louis armstrong: "if I don't practice for a day, I notice; for 2 days, the critics notice; for 3 days, the public notices"
- keep going; every day
- duke ellington: "a goal is a dream with a finish line"
- know your goals; write them down
- dizzy gillespie: "as long as they can dance to it"
- people have lives
- wordpress should be invisible, just get out of the way
- very tempting to latch onto new trends, tack tagging onto everything
- you have to have a vision; originality
- fail faster
- miles davis: "I stopped playing ballads, because I love playing ballads"
- get outside the comfort zone
- if you're a terrible writer, write every day
- coleman hawkins: "if you don't make mistakes, you aren't trying"
- art tatum: "there's no such thing as a wrong note"
- "breathe!"

Suw Charman

- take away potential for and therefore fear of humiliation
- look at tools creatively
- identify your users
- then: ad-hoc training sessions (not 3-day 300-page marathons)
- if busy people can get thru their day w/o (having to) learn something new, they will!

- ad-hoc support network (irc)
- trainers shall become evangelists (or vice versa)
- viral training & evangelism

- get people involved and excited
- get mgmt buy-in (long-term perspective - will that be around next year? / ok'd: legitimate use of work time)

q & a

- q: how many people do you have to train initially? a: not so much about how many but whom - supernodes, highly enthusiastic users.
- 20% more usage after introduction of socialtext wysiwyg editor (non-technical users); sso (make everything as pain-free as possible)
- corp-wide wiki (vis--vis departmental wiki): trying to pull down some phantom walls which needn't be there
- people create their own information architecture (personal entryway into the wiki)
- collaborate on chunks, not docs (people don't want their drafts to be seen)
- some people just don't like writing



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