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Willkommen im März des Jahres.

die redaktion dankt fr. claudia müller herzlichst für die kreation und zurverfügungstellung auf höchst elektronischem wege solcherlei herzleinskeiten!
Dem Herrn Rinner wird dieser erste Märzentag in wohl ewiger Erinnerung bleiben. Ich kann dazu nur überaus herzlich gratulieren und wünsche zum einen alles erhältlich Gute und zum anderen (auch weiterhin) grosse Mengen Spass, Liebe und Geld.

die redaktion dankt fr. claudia müller herzlichst für die kreation und zurverfügungstellung auf höchst elektronischem wege solcherlei herzleinskeiten!
Der gestrige Last Thursday wäre einer gewesen, den man ich auf keinen Fall hätte versäumen sollen — mir bleibt die Hoffnung auf baldige Reviews: "PHP hat sich in den letzten Jahren von der Personal Homepage Programming Language zu einer universellen Entwicklungsumgebung entwickelt, von vielen geliebt wegen ihrer Flexibilität und Produktivität, von anderen gemieden. Manfred Wuits programmiert damit schon sehr lange [...]" — und durchaus Grandioses, wie etwa das System hinter und ...Mark Lemmons erklärt, warum Six Degrees nicht nur Rauch, sondern durchaus auch solchen generierendes Feuer zu bieten hat:

"Having looked at both [Tinderbox and MindModel] [...], I initially saw Six Degrees in the ink blots, but having looked deeper I found common ground in terms of ideas, but no real product similarity. [...] [I]t's true - if you just look at the screen shots Six Degrees looks like, well, yet another window in your Explorer/Finder. But Six Degrees is not just another window on your desktop, and all this hype started at MacWorld when people could actually see Six Degrees in action. [...] It does, automatically, build a wonderful database packed full of relationships that you can leverage and navigate to save time, be more productive, and make sure you have the right information at your fingertips. It does this immediately upon installation, and looks back as far as your email takes it."

Of course, relationships (a.k.a. links) aren't only the thing that make the web not-quite-uncool, a visible and traversable link structure is what makes computer displays leap beyond your ordinary sheet of paper (and no, that's not meant as an attack on sheets of paper, they're rather useful, too).

Nowadays that I have a vast amount of information (a whole slew of internal company communication, project documentation, notes, todo lists, events — and last but not least this very site) stored in a variety of VanillaSpaces (Wikis like Vanilla make creating information "objects"/snips and actually linking them pure bliss and way more enjoyable than keeping your A HREF handy), the one thing that I am sorely missing in the otherwise so soothing picture is — my eMail communication.

(I don't use word processors any more [except to print the occasional customer's .doc attachment] — and since K, spreadsheets have lost quite a bit of the appeal they once had for quick what-if analyses).

One option would be to make Vanilla an eMail client (eMails actually map rather nicely to snips with snip attachments), but I'm not really fond of both a. the static HTML page as an interface to the millions of mails I need to manage — that's one area (of many) where high interaction bandwidth clients (well, good old Desktop Applications) are totally needed — and b. the idea of having to clutter the utter simplicty of Vanilla with sophisticated link ranking algorithms, which would be definitely needed to make a space equivalent in size to my mail box (with several hundred list mails coming in a day) even remotely usable.

But: As Six Degrees will (supposedly) be scriptable with my oh-so-loved XML-RPC, I envision a happy future having finally overcome that last obstacle to Link Heaven. Time will tell, and I'll tell you.

Now, will it work with The Bat? ;-)

As a sidenote, Tinderbox I still haven't tried (and there's absolutely no excuse), but I've heard word that it actually might need quite a bit of time to get used to.

And thanks, Creo, for the cool calendar ;-)In unserer Serie "Sneak Previews auf Inkredibles" heute K4:

"k4 -- implemented from scratch -- is faster, better and smaller.

"kdb folded into k.
twice as many datatypes.
singleton select,insert,delete,update 40 times as fast.
big database operations twice as fast."

coming soon ...

Arthur Whitney today on [create K-L]. Und später noch:

"k4 is just a handy mnemonic
since it is twice as small as k2."
Hannes Stiebitzhofer: "But are weblogs really a technology [...]? Don't think so. The point is that people figured out a way to use the web as an efficient tool to communicate and/or distribute ideas, thoughts, rants and knowledge. [...] Technology followed the needs of people in this case." — Good point. Weblog "technology" is a layer so thin on the existing infrastructure (global networks, telcos, TCP/IP, HTTP servers and clients), it's like the icing on the cake.



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