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  Freitag, 22. Februar 2002

"Der ehemalige Chef der in Konkurs gegangenen [create Yline], [create Werner Böhm], und sein ehemaliger Pressesprecher Willi Berner sind zurück. Als Geschäftsführer der neu gegründeten Firma Proforce [Financial Project Enforcement and Consulting GmbH] wollen sie Firmen, die vor dem Zusammenbruch stehen, retten." — Die Geschichte entbehrt einer gewissen Komik kaum. Nun denn, Erfahrung auf dem Sektor dürfte Herr Böhm mittlerweile in der Tat zur Genüge [ Ø MIPLA • ] (== Apache, comes with mod_php for Win32)"How does Mono look like?"So schaut's aus.

"After all, I often tell students that the best book for advanced C# programmers right now is Effective Java."Mehr Zweien als heute im Datum wird's erst 2022-02-22 geben. Wir leben offensichtlich in einer Zeit der Wunderdaten."Allgemeiner Berichts- (und) Aufbereitungs-Prozessor" — das ist der (ursprüngliche) Name der Programmiersprache, die weltweit einen nicht unbeträchtlichen Teil der Wirtschaftswelt so funktionieren lässt, wie er das eben tut. Neuerdings nennt sich das Gestrüppbilde "Advanced Business (and) Application Programming". So well, ABAP.

David Ness 8125 days AGO
The mention of OpenSA as a serverSide app gives me the opening to ask if anyone understands the role of Comanche on Apache, and if the Comanche that runs under Squeak( supporting Swikis is the follow on to the Comanche that is (was?) supported by covalent (at which I have, but can't seem to get working.

I (almost) apologize for raising this here, as it is not central to today's snip, but since the people who comment here seem to know a good deal more about this than anywhere else, I am hopeful that someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

chris 8125 days AGO
Comanche on Squeak is the web server for that environment. It was derived from PWS (Pluggable - not personal, mind you ;-) - Web Server) AFAIK. Frameworks like SEASIDE or Swiki build on this kind of Comanche.

[create Covalent]'s offering seems to be a configuration tool for the Apache web server. (Covalent employs some key Apache folks, IIRC).

andi 8125 days AGO
don't worry david, i could'nt run covalents comanche either.
neither on windows nor on solaris.

earl 8125 days AGO
[create Covalent] was founded back in 1998 by [create Randy Terbush], one of the original Apache folks. Terbush recognized that there is business around Apache. As far as I know, Covalent does professional services around Apache. These include an pre-configured Apache package with nice frontends - the whole thing is called "ERS" - Enterprise Ready Server - also known as Comanche.

what OpenSA exactly should be is unclear to me ;) but i've never had problems getting apache/php working on windows ;)

chris 8125 days AGO
BTW, OpenSA will overwrite an existing php.ini without warning. That rather ... sucks.

hannes 8124 days AGO
Werner Böhm und Firmen sanieren - das ist wirklich nur tragisch, mehr nicht. Wahrscheinlich am meisten für die zu sanierenden Firmen. Weil für was braucht man da einen Pressesprecher? Proforce steht wohl für Bullshit pur, mehr nicht...

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