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  Dienstag, 9. April 2002

Mr Winer says: "It's so weird that it's faster and easier for me to find stuff on the Web than it is for me to find stuff locally. So much harder I usually don't even try." — And right he timeline of MIT LCS-related company formations — [create 3Com] (nota bene: comment-2002-04-09-8), [create Infocom], [create Software Arts], Interleaf, [create Symbolics], [create VisiCorp], Lotus, Thinking Machines, [create Cirrus Logic], Open Market, ArsDigita for Squeak (sorta) — "Long live the dot!"

Vi Documentation, by Bill Joy and [create Mark Horton].
An Interview with Bill Joy ([create 1984-08]): "Then George Coulouris from Queen Mary College came to Berkeley and brought along this thing called em, which stood for "editor for mortals." It had two error messages instead of one." — Mentioned as well: Interleaf.

traumwind 7544 days AGO
everything neatly arranged in hierarchical folders on his HD is assume ;)

But then, I really don't get that complaint. With the search-functionality in Win2k for e.g. I can find most anything I burried on my 80gig HD...

andi 7544 days AGO
right, that even works so well that i'm able to run a paperless office since 3 years!

chris 7544 days AGO
Really? My Win2k search is darn slow.

traumwind 7544 days AGO
you got indexing on or off?

David Ness 7544 days AGO
I wonder if Google would work as well on `my own stuff' as it would on the net as a whole. The reason I raise that question is that the value of Google, it seems to me, is for searches that are `close' but not exact. When searching a huge loosely connected pile `close' is real important. Buy `my stuff' is a much more narrow collection, and exact matches do better than they would across the net.

I have about 150G on my LAN, but a huge portion of it is not text (or image), it is code in various (binary) forms. I confess that I do use simple linear searches a lot, and this works well because I am a finatic about keeping original documents in ASCII. But searching through non-ASCII files (other than ZIPs) might be less productive for Google than it might be on the net (where I would guess things like code are a much smaller percentage of the information).

chris 7544 days AGO
en plus, "my stuff" usually isn't "linked" in a way google would like, so pageranking might not be as useful locally as it is webwide — but that's one of the problems that six degrees is going to solve, isn't it? ;-)

chris 7544 days AGO
Off. Heh.

David Ness 7544 days AGO
On your LCS timeline: I don't really associate MIT LCS with [create 3Com] as it appears you are about to do. I may not know the history correctly, but I was teaching at MIT when Bob Metcalfe (who I assciate with 3Com most directly) was a student in the mid- to late- 1960s. Bob, IIRC, went to [create PARC], and I'd associate 3Com much more with PARC than with LCS.

But then that may just be 'history as I remember it'. I can look for details if you are interested.

You might also want to add the `cubes' I^3 (Information International Inc.) and C^3 (Cambridge Computer Corp). IIRC the former was a [create Fredkin] and [create Minsky] operation, and the latter was Tom Merril (sp?) and employed [create Jim Morris] for a while before he went to PARC and then, in a later life, became Chairman of CS at [create CMU].

chris 7544 days AGO
David, thank you very much for your contribution! I'll try to find out when the `cubes' were founded.

I'm not sure what the criteria governing inclusion in (or exclusion from) the timeline were, either.

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