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  Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2002

Speaking of Collaborative Filtering, "Stumbleupon finds you high-quality sites that are customized to your preferences. Rating a page lets you share your opinion with other community members who have similar interests, so they can 'stumble upon' your Great! sites."
Found on Economist on A New Kind of Science: "Recent books have suggested that multiple universes or quantum gravity can explain consciousness or free will. This kind of speculation is usually kept for the final chapter. Mr Wolfram's entire book is shot through with it. He sees the history of science as a prelude to his years at the keyboard [...]" — Not entirely unlike my impression so far.WINER: GILLMOR NOT A JOURNALIST FOR NOT BITCHING ABOUT LACKING WEBMASTERY IN PUBLIC"Musical Taste is a user-driven community site that focuses on individual track recommendations."

Q: Would we be better off if instead of ratings we would concentrate on recommendations?Tobi Schäfer: "you need the people first" ist so sehr Stadt, dass ich mir schon manchmal einen Stadtführer wünsche. Schull: "Most natural patterns are not easily perceived, for they do not happen to produce lasting stimuli to which our nervous systems are attuned. But everything we know about biology, epidemiology, social networks, computational algorithms, and data structures tells us that branching patterns are "out there," waiting to be mapped, illuminated, seen anew."

"Social Software" ist ein eher depperter Terminus — solche wäre mir nämlich noch nie untergekommen. Sich höchst asozial verhaltende schon eher.Jeff Veen: "Faucet Facets: A few best practices for designing multifaceted navigation systems" Flash MX tile game tutorials. Isometry!

David Ness 5801 days AGO
Winer's piece follows on in what I have come to understand is his tradition of `self-important muddled thought'. He appears to be one of the wold's best at this, raising both `self importance' and `muddled thought' to higher levels than are usually obtainable.

I won't follow the line of analyzing the perceptiveness of _anyone_ who'd think Scoble is a `marketing guy', choosing instead to comment on his general ignorance of what `journalism' is all about. To be a journalist, at least in my opinion, _does not_ mean that you have to choose to fight _all_ battles. You are `entitled' to fight whatever battles you choose to fight. Any marketing guy who _doesn't_ chase down all leads is dumb. Any journalist who _does_ chase down all leads is equally dumb.

Winer could take a lesson from a recent episode of the wonderful American TV series `The West Wing'. The title of the episode was `The US Poet Laureate' and was a charming story of a Poetess who was to be honored by the very thoughtful American President (needless to say _not_ modelled on the current incumbent). She initally felt that she had the obligation to make a particular political statement. Over the course of the episode she grew to understand that this was a separate matter from honoring literature, and that she did not have to use _every occasion_ to fight _every battle_. It seemed like wisdom to me.

As to the `cleverness' of talking about Mr. X etc, then only to identify them at the end, I fail to get why Winer thinks this is a clever conceit of some kind. Seems stupid to me.

But, then, so does he. Not that I feel strongly about it, mind you.

chris 5800 days AGO
It somehow seems quite equally absurd as complaining about a NY Times columnist who chose not to prominently cover the bad printing quality of last weekend's newspaper.

David, you nailed it.

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